Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets

Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets is a big part of his arsenal. He has amazed groups across the world by floating off the ground, relatively with no supporting gadget, unique devices or cords. On his tv show Mindfreak he once floated off the ground regarding 2 feet and also gently visited a concrete ledge to the awe of spectators on a hectic road.

So how is this done? Exactly how does Criss Angel rise himself? It’s really easier compared to you think. In a current video Criss Angel reveals some of his pals just how this is done.

Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets
Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets

This kind of levitation entails standing before a set, like a metal box, chair, or stair situation with your back to the viewers. In this presentation Criss stands roughly one foot from the set, in this situation a metal box.

He positions his feet with each other (his shoes are magnetized). He stands so he remains in the center of the viewers. Currently while talking with his viewers he uses misdirection with his ideal hand while his left hand opens up a panel on his trousers that permits his ideal leg ahead out.

This is the trick, the best shoe is affixed to the trousers so when his leg is out of the footwear, the shoe will hang.

The crucial factor is getting rid of the best leg from the slit in the trousers. Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets once more misdirects. The importance being he does not desire spectators focusing on his legs. This is one of the most challenging part of the technique, actually obtaining the leg out and strongly planted on the box. Engaging the spectators with speech as well as hand movements permits Criss the split second had to achieve this.

Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets

Merely prior to he rises from the ground Criss arches his back seeking out, prolongs his arms outwards as well as takes deep breaths. This covers the spectators in anticipation and also enables Criss the moment to stabilize himself.

He floats up. His arms outstreached, his eyes staring upwards. His legs continue to be straight, heels with each other, floating two feet off the ground. “How does it look?”, Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets asks the 3 or four friends that have gathered. “Looks excellent.”, a person solutions.

Criss clarifies that from this point he can float to the top of the box or drift back down. If he drifts to the leading his foot is positioned on top of the appropriate shoe. The subjected leg is after that slid back into the trousers and shoe.

Criss Angel levitation magic trick secrets would after that end the act by resorting to his spectators, noting their expressions and also claiming something like, “Do you think?”.

Well do you?